About us

David is single Father of a Beautiful 6yr old Daughter named Khiara, and we live in California. .

Our lives are filled with Happiness, pain, and struggles. Our happiness is when we are together, we love flying our flags and love America.

We do not Ask for much and when we do ask it backfires and causes more pain & suffering. Financial struggles are hard especially with attorney fees between Ex & I. Sorry I'm not good at typing my thoughts and words.

Khiara is a beautiful, caring, loving young lady Stuck with her parents divorce & rushed relationship.

David is Khiara's father that loves her with all his heart. David has a few medical issues that he struggles with and does all he can to protect & provide for Khiara.

If you would like or are interested in gifting us, you can use the amazon wishlists for either me or Khiara. Cash App & Venmo are also listed. They are listed to the right or under gift 143637

My Proton Issue

I recently had to change my proton Passwords, due to someone else using my 1 account. Didn't realize I havent changed them in many years. I ususlly change passwords every few months sometimes Less. But I rarely use proton, so I just forgot about them. So if you got mail from my Proton account between mid 2021 to 3-16-22, know it may not have been me. thats how little I use that account. I will try and finish changing all my passwords very soon. Along with deleting ancient accounts.

Generally I will use an email to communicate from 143637. gmail or randomly would open proton send and exit. I mainly used that proton account for zello & T train.